Holly Slingsby

March 2nd 2006

Slingsby’s work uses metaphor and figuration to examine our place in the world.  For Dorchester Abbey she made a meditational performance before the High Altar.  By repeatedly walking the space with closed eyes, the artist raised questions of inner faith balanced with knowledge of the physical world.  Thus the audience was invited to consider absence of visual information as an aid to inner reflection.

Holly Slingsby was born and studied in Oxford.  Performances and exhibitions in her home city include Christ Church Cathedral and Christ Church Picture Gallery, The Ruskin School and Modern Art Oxford.  Recent exhibitions and performances in London include Both Ends Burning at the WW Gallery, Making Mistakes, at Paradise Row and It Was Gravity Which Pulled Us Down at Christ Church Spitalfields.  Residencies include Simon Faithfull’s Mobile Research Station No. 1.2; Skulpturenpark Zentrum, Berlin; South Hill Park, Bracknell; and the Girona Performance Festival.  She also contributes to the elusive Cabaret Melancholique.