Our Finances

Abbey Costs

The Abbey costs around £160,000 a year to run. That’s about £3,000 per week

……£440 each and every day

Our major fundraising campaign completed in 2005 gave us a warm, well decorated and structurally sound building.  It will cost us £25,000 a year to keep the building that way with no additional improvements.  In today’s world costs don’t stand still.
Every year considerably more expenditure is required than the year before just to keep the Abbey up and running.

Abbey Income

52% of our income comes from voluntary donations, the rest from special fundraising activities. No government assistance is given to the upkeep of the building.
30% of our income comes from individuals in either planned giving or the weekly collection

  • by fixed monthly Standing Order
  • as a member of the “Gift Aided” weekly envelope   scheme
  • by making a single “Gift Aid” donation
  • by cash donation

Our Annual Accounts

Dorchester Abbey is a registered charity with the Charities Commission (charity no:1133787) and as such has to submit annual accounts. You can look at our page on the Charities Commission website with our accounts here.