Dorchester Abbey Museum

Dorchester Abbey Museum and shop is currently open 2-5 on Saturdays and Sundays with new procedures in place to keep our volunteers and visitors safe

Visitors will be asked to leave their details for test and trace purposes and will need to wear a mask or face covering while inside the museum

We look forward to welcoming you back!

You can explore some highlights from our collection online here.

The Museum has displays in the oak-panelled, 16th century Old School Room in the Abbey Guest House and in the Abbey’s Cloister Gallery.
The Museum also works closely with Oxford Archaeology, who have an ongoing dig at the Dorchester allotments where they are excavating evidence of a Roman street.  You can find out more about the archaeological dig here.

Dorchester Abbey museum

The Museum

See revised opening times above

We are usually open from Easter Saturday until the end of September. The Opening Times are as follows:

Wednesday to Sunday  2pm – 5pm
BH Mondays 2pm – 5pm
Monday and Tuesday CLOSED
(Group visits will be by appointment only)

Joe Raine and the Museum volunteers look forward to seeing you during the season.
If you would like to become a volunteer do come into the Museum when it is open and find out more about what we do.

‘The best small museum I have ever visited’
‘A delightful local museum run by volunteers’
Dorchester Abbey Cloister Gallery display board

The Cloister Gallery

See Abbey revised opening times here

The story of the Abbey: If Stones Could Speak
An acclaimed display of the medieval stonemason’s craft

Open 8.00 am – 6.00 pm (summer) / 8.00 am – dusk (winter)
Admission: FREE

‘Fascinating insights into local history’

8 reasons why you should visit Dorchester Abbey Museum today!

– Trace the history of Dorchester through 6000 years of continuous settlementmuseum-people
– View our photographic archive of 19th and 20th century Dorchester
– Did you know that Midsomer Murders is regularly filmed in Dorchester?Barnaby-&-Jones-Dorchester
– Get your copy of the Midsomer Murders location guide
– See how Dorchester has featured in several episodes
– Look for our 60,000 year old flint hand axe. Who made it?archaeology
– Wonder at beautifully hand decorated Bronze age pots made 5000 years ago
– Find Medusa! What was she for?
– How do we know that the Roman houses looked like our model?

You can find out more about the archaeological dig here.
– Sit at old style school desks
– Handle items from our collections
– Dress up as the teacher in cap and gown
– Read about village life 100 years ago
– Learn how mothers brought up their children when Daddy was at war
– Find out how women helped with the war effort
Don’t miss the wonderful Cloister Gallery on your visit. Is it an artistic spectacle, lesson in history, architectural masterclass? Or all three?cloister-gallery
– View changing styles in stonemasonry from Saxon to modern
– All in the setting of the cloister walk rebuilt in green oak in 2005
Discovering_Dorchester4– A shard of old pottery, a worked flint, a silver coin? Bring it in and we can help identify it
– Do you have photos, letters or publications from past times in Dorchester? May we have a copy for our archive?
– Did your antecendents live in Dorchester? Why not trace them from our parish records?
– FREE walk guides
– Pocket-money items for kids
– Books on local history and wildlife
– Dorchester souvenirs and cards