Wedding Flowers

There is nothing more beautiful than the Abbey decorated with flowers for a wedding!

We have our own team of flower arrangers, ably led by Sandie Griffith, owner of Jemini Flowers in Oxford, who would love to do the flowers for your wedding.  After many years of experience decorating this space they know what works and are happy to produce flowers to your requirements.  We suggest that you contact Sandie to discuss your flowers as soon as you have made your booking.

There are two options:-

  1. Sandie can purchase flowers for you at wholesale prices to your flower and colour choice.  She is happy to arrange a meeting to discuss the flowers required and give you an estimate of cost. The Abbey Flower Arrangers will then arrange them for you at a percentage of the cost depending on the volume of work. The flowers will then stay in the Abbey and the Abbey Flower Arrangers will be responsible for disposing of them.
  2. After agreeing with Sandie the positions of arrangements, you can organise them yourselves. You will need to discuss use of containers or pedestals (there is no charge made). Two pedestals must be left in the Abbey for the Sunday services, one on the High Altar and one on the Front Pillar.